Beat The Meetles DVD
Buy the Beat The Meetles DVD ‘Live At Svendborg Theatre’ with the following tracks Please Please Me, Roll Over Beethoven, Tell Me Why and Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey. The DVD is photographed by Babel Film and the sound is produced by Sun Studios. The DVD is available in stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Can be bought by contacting
Meet Beat The Meetles and their friend at MySpace.
Søren plays guitar, keyboards, harmonica and sings in Boat Man Love.
Michael’s newest project with 60’s inspired own songs, recorded and ready to buy.
Søren, along with the rest of Boat Man Love, have been touring with danish singer Michael Falch.
Michael is bass player and songwriter in the danish psychedelic band Polyfeen.
New album “Skateboarder” out now. Former bass player Rasmus on guitar and vocals.
Since 1997 Søren has been working live and on records as songwriter, guitarist and backingvocalist with Danish singer Marie Frank as her steady sideman
Søren has recorded three albums as well as intensively touring with the definitive Danish rock singer since 2003.
Søren has worked on and off as guitarist and vocalist with what he consider the best Danish indie-act ever since 1996.
Very serious danish fan-site with lots of interesting material and debate.
Flemming is a keen Ludwig drum kit collector. Check him out with his red Vistalite on this wonderful nerdy site.
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